Franky’s Story: Coding his way back to success

Blazoned across the Homepage of Code400’s website are the powerful words:

Teaching Tech Changing Lives
Breaking the cycle of crime by teaching prisoners coding 

Franky is living proof of this statement. He trained in coding inside HMP Peterborough by Corbett Network member Code4000.

Once released, Franky needed £850 for relocation costs to Leeds to start a job in March with, none other than, Lloyds Bank.

Franky was the first candidate they had ever hired with a criminal record.

Thanks to burgeoning support to help returning citizens rehabilitate and start fresh, the actual amount raised for Franky was £935.
The Corbett Network was proud to contribute to this pot.

These funds raised meant that Franky’s room deposit, first month’s rent and transport costs were all covered.

“Franky is 100% sorted!” said CEO Code4000, then Rod Anderson.

“Considering he left prison on December 10 with £46 in his pocket, no job and was heading to live with his Nan, this is life changing!”


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