Luke’s Story: Mentoring, Supporting and Encouraging

“I’ve was imprisoned for the first time at 17. The longest I was out of prison was 4 months at a time. Jailed in 13-14 prisons.

2016: Attended the Beyond Recovery programme in prison

2018: Released from prison. 38 years old.

2018-: 2 jobs and talks, volunteering. Visits to probation have gone from once a week to once a month.

“In the day I work on a building site and in the evenings and at weekends I work in a pub. I’ve become Keynote speaker about my Beyond Recovery help to an audience of 1000 people and at various events in the UK and abroad. Also at HMP Nottingham – facilitator of groups impacting men with my experience and working with the homeless. Mentoring, supporting and encouraging other men who have been released. For the first time I have had a long term relationship where I was faithful and wanted to be.”

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