Keenan’s Story: “I have peace and contentment in myself.”

“I have been violent since primary school where I was always fighting, always angry. By 13 I started selling drugs and a year later I was arrested for robbery but was not charged. For ten years from the age of 20 I was in trouble constantly, arrested for fighting a police officer etc and after […]

Luke’s Story: Mentoring, Supporting and Encouraging

“I’ve was imprisoned for the first time at 17. The longest I was out of prison was 4 months at a time. Jailed in 13-14 prisons. 2016: Attended the Beyond Recovery programme in prison 2018: Released from prison. 38 years old. 2018-: 2 jobs and talks, volunteering. Visits to probation have gone from once a […]

Franky’s Story: Coding his way back to success

Blazoned across the Homepage of Code400’s website are the powerful words: Teaching Tech Changing Lives Breaking the cycle of crime by teaching prisoners coding  Franky is living proof of this statement. He trained in coding inside HMP Peterborough by Corbett Network member Code4000. Once released, Franky needed £850 for relocation costs to Leeds to start […]

James’ Story: “Never give up, I am proof of that.”

James had been job searching for over 6 months with no success and says: “Even in my wildest imagination I could not have hoped to be where I am today. The Corbett Network put me in touch with the force of human nature that is Emma Freivogel at Radical Recruit…. …She convinced me to start […]

New start, new life: how our networks deliver

The beauty of Lady Val’s multi-layered Networks is that she is able to weave them together to achieve so much more. The stories below show the work between The Robin Corbett Award and the Corbett Network. This wouldn’t have been possible, without the donations made from this Professional Women’s Network. So thank you to everyone […]

Paul Retout’s Story: The Andy Dufrayne of HMP Brixton

The value of all Networks is to pay it forward. Paul’s experience led him to find the Corbett Network and pay his experience forward. He is now a very dear and valued member of our community. Read his story below… “I entered HMP Wandsworth prison in Oct 2013. Being a tax expert, I wanted to […]