A good motto: Alone we can do little; together we can do so much.

Can we put this into practice?  Read on ....


Alasdair Jackson (CEO Recycling Lives) attended the meeting thinking it might be the usual talking shop.  On Friday after our meeting he emailed me:


“Dear Val, Thought you’d like to know that I’ve had more people get in touch with me after Wednesday’s meeting wanting to collaborate and work together than I’ve ever had in any previous meeting The network works....”


Nine people contacted Alasdair - this is exactly why the Network was created.


Collaboration is the essence of the Corbett Network. I have attached the meeting’s attendees list so with whom will you collaborate? (all emails are in the To box).  And/or also access the Network page on thecorbettnetwork.com and find a good fit with the other organisations who were not represented at the meeting.  Please let me know of your link-ups.



At the start we toasted our host Richard Paice (CEO The Exceptionals) to thank him not only for the use of his lovely apartment but for providing the bottles of bubbly.(Instead of canapes the sandwiches went down a treat!)


Harvey Redgrave, MD of Crest Advisory was guest speaker and his excellent talk on how to make our criminal system work resulted in a spirited Q and A session. He has kindly supplied his notes, attached.

As this is our YEAR OF ACTION it was suggested that Harvey organise a meeting of police commissioners to see if there is common ground so the Corbett Network could work with them.  I will keep you posted.

Next on the agenda was Michael Corrigan's plea for Networkers to use his jobs board (www.prosper4jobs.co.uk)  Currently this has 109 vacancies, most of them full time, but few Networkers have been using it though he has an impressive list of top companies who are. With David Appericio (CEO the Chrysalis Programme) he met the Governor of Oakwood Prison who was so impressed with the jobsboard he is bringing it to the attention of the top Board of G4S so it can be used in all the prisons they run.

Another charity - Only a Pavement Away (OAPA) – which is working with the Network - is being launched at the end of the yearGreg Mangham, the Founder, told the meeting Brexit will mean many thousands of vacancies in the pub and hospitality sector. To combat this he is liaising with Crisis, The Chrysalis Programme and a military charity to employ ex-offenders, the homeless and ex service personnel. Not only will they get a job but there will be training and on-going support, including changing the mindset of attitudes towards service. Greg has involved a formidable list of the top echelons of the pub and restaurant industry and a Board of Trustees has been appointed.  If you wish to collaborate with OAPA please contact 


The Corbett Network intends to launch an Employers Award to be presented in October 2019. A three-person sub-group was established to decide criteria and best practice and will report to the October meeting.

This was a constructive meeting and I make no excuse for repeating that you let me know what links are taking place between our meetings to demonstrate especially to the MOJ that this is a vibrant collaboration machine! 

Next meeting will from 6-8 pm at Albany on Wednesday October 18 (date to be confirmed).