From: Dr Belinda Winder MSc PhD CPsychol MEd CSci AFBPsS Professor of Forensic Psychology

Head of Sexual Offences, Crime and Misconduct Research Unit (SOCAMRU);
Trustee and Vice-Chair, Safer Living Foundation charity - Preventing sexual crime Registered charity: 1155788

Update on the Corbett Network which is flourishing:
I've arranged meetings between Isobel, Phil and Heather with Whatton and Stafford prisons (meeting the Governors plus other staff and prisoners) - the Whatton meeting went well and Whatton prison and Beating Time look like they are linking up for a number of sessions next year, which is great. The meeting at Stafford prison is arranged for the 4th December, and Isabel and Phil hope to offer a half day taster employability workshop to 4 men who have business ideas and who are shortly to be released to the community.

I'm also talking to David (Chrysalis Programme) and arranging to go and see some of his workshops in action and meet the men who have benefited from them - both from the university evaluation point of view but also from the SLF point of view.

I am also introducing Peter Dawson to PJ, the Governor or Stafford prison, with the hope that we can get James Timpson interested in visiting Stafford prison (their motto is 'returning citizens, not offenders, into the community' and it is prison for people with sexual convictions with a fantastic Governor).

I am also engaged in research understanding the role that having a job has in terms of people w sexual convictions staying offence-free. I have applied for funding (to the ESRC) to make this a larger project which includes interviewing employers and their employees, and I am also talking to NACRO about this project and their work on employing people with convictions and also on how to disclose convictions.

I have also put Isobel in touch with Riana, the CEO of Circles UK, to discuss an adapted version of Circles of Support and Accountability to support people setting u businesses - an idea that Isabel and myself came up with between munches of canapes at the last meeting.

I've also been in touch with John Shepherd, to provide some support for him dealing with service users w sexual convictions and disclosure.

I have probably forgotten something, but as you can tell, the Corbett Network is catalysing a number of projects and connections, which is fabulous!

And finally, Nottingham Trent University has agreed to provide space and facilities for the Corbett Centre of Enterprise, Rehabilitation and Education. We hope to have this up and running by Summer 2018, but there are a few things to sort out first - BUT, I am so happy about this development. The Vice Chancellor of our University, Edward Peck, is incredibly forward thinking in allowing us to do this - let alone paying for it - and we are all very excited about this. (As am I – Val Corbett)

Yes this is collaboration as we had hoped to achieve, so great news. The Corbett Network working at its best, methinks. Paddy Stanley CEO Mitie Foundation

Great to come back from adoption leave and see the good work that’s coming from the meeting of minds Val has facilitated.
Keep up the good work. Anne Fox CEO Clinks

Thank you Belinda for the update and your support last week with testing the charity commission trustee disqualification waiver applicant process and also your invaluable feedback. Dominic Headley, NACRO

Belinda – what a wonderful update – great stuff!! Regarding Chrysalis, David was kind enough to let me attend the first day (Module 1: Know Thyself) of his current six day programme at HMP Oakwood. I return on 30th Nov for Module 4: Thinking Differently. It’s a great programme – and plenty for me to take away both personally and for the work we do. John Shepherd, CEO Trailblazers