Anawim (Commended): Gina Stokes, Service Manager, Outreach and Prisons, Joy Doal, Chief Executive; Khulisa (winner): Sonia Johnson, Programme Manager and Dominique Airey, Chief Executive; Lady Corbett; Spark Inside (Commended): George Pugh, Head of Reducing Reoffending, HMP Belmarsh and Baillie Aaron, Founder & CEO; Tempus Novo (Highly Commended): co-founders: Val Wawrosz, deputy CEO and Steve Freer CEO.


The House of Lords: 06.03.18

There was standing room only at the All Party Prison Reform Group meeting – attended by the recently-appointed Secretary of State for Justice, David Gauke MP - which was preceded by the presentation of the 2018 Robin Corbett Awards by Lady Corbett. She thanked Lord Ramsbotham chair of judges – and all the judges, the Prison Reform Trust who administer the Award and the Worshipful Company of Weavers who pay admin charges so 100% of donations went into the Award prize fund.

“There’ve been a lot of changes this year,” she said. “First, we changed our name. Instead of the Robin Corbett Award for Prisoner Rehabilitation it’s Re—integration because you can’t have reintegration - the holy grail - without rehabilitation so it made more sense. Then I invited the Chief Executives of major rehabilitation organisations to join what’s now known as the Corbett Network – instead of working in their own pond, we are now working as a sea. There are currently 35 members and they are collaborating with tangible results.

“And the Network is involved with a new initiative. Because Brexit means there’ll be many hundreds of vacancies in pubs and restaurants, the industry has established Only a Pavement Away. They’re going to offer these jobs - with training, counselling and support - to ex-offenders, the homeless and former service personnel. It’s in the early stages but I am excited at the possibilities.

“This Award was created because of this sentence: “All men die but some men live on”. I wanted Robin Corbett’s legacy to live on and through this Award it does, which makes me both proud and happy.”

The Award had received 41 applications – more than double last year. The reasons? “Perhaps because the Award is better known” she sad and added: “But maybe it’s because we’ve been able to raise the prize money as the Chrysalis Foundation run by its inspirational CEO David Apparicio is sponsoring the Award for 5-10 years. I couldn’t be more grateful so thank you once again David.”

The Presentations

ALL WINNERS RECEIVED a beautiful glass plaque donated by James Timpson whose company does so much to give ex-offenders jobs. They also received a cheque and the book about Robin.


The 2018 winner of the Robin Corbett Award for Prisoner Re-integration went to Khulisa which works with the most socially excluded people in society. Because of their work at HMP Forest Bank, there has been a 90% reduction in violence. Picking up a cheque for £5,000 plus the plaque and book were Dominique Airey, Chief Executive and Sonia Johnson, Programme Manager.

The highly commended prize went to Tempus Novo for its work getting prisoners into sustainable employment on release from prisons in Yorkshire. Co-founders: Steve Freer, CEO and Val Wawrosz, deputy CEO received a cheque for £3,000 plus the plaque and book.

The Commended prize tied and each received a cheque for £1,000 plus that plaque and the book first to Spark Inside for its coaching programme for prisoners at HMP Belmarsh awarded to Baillie Aaron, Founder & CEO and George Pugh, Head of Reducing Reoffending, HMP Belmarsh.

The other Commended prize went to Anawim for the in-reach and through the gate services it provides to women at HMP Foston Hall. Picking up the award were Joy Doal, Chief Executive and Gina Stokes, Service Manager, Outreach and Prisons.

There was much applause as Lady Corbett congratulated all the winners.



Dominique Airey, CEO Khulisa (winner)

“We are honoured to be receive this year’s Robin Corbett Award for Prisoner Rehabilitation. It is the most wonderful recognition of our work delivering intensive mentoring and behaviour-change programmes in prisons and communities across the UK, alongside our early intervention and resettlement work. We believe powerfully in every person’s capacity to live healthy, crime free lives if they are given the support, supervision and rehabilitation they need. We can’t thank you enough for recognising our contributions, alongside so many extraordinary partners, towards creating a more nurturing, person-centred, truly rehabilitative justice system.”


Steve Freer, CEO Tempus Novo (Highly Commended)

“We are extremely proud to have won such a prestigious award. The Robin Corbett Award is a National award which is one of the most sought after in the charity world. To have received “highly commended” in the House of Lords and from Lady Val Corbett herself, is a real honour for a small charity from Yorkshire. The money is invaluable as it will enable us to help some of our female offenders, as they are released from prison. All ex-offenders struggle with basic essentials on release, this prize money will purchase things like kettles, bedding and the likes and is part of their vital starter kit to help them settle back in to the community. The publicity will help on several fronts. It will give Tempus Novo national coverage from which in turn could well influence funders, employers and ex-offenders themselves to get in touch.”


Joy Doal, CEO Anawim (Commended)

“We were honoured to receive this award as we work in an area often overlooked. There is now a real energy to start social enterprises, so we have opened our residential unit which is staffed 24/7. This will enable us to rent out unused rooms at weekends. More importantly, the women are becoming involved, taking bookings, setting up the rooms and hosting with catering and refreshments. This is really helping them gain entrepreneurial and social skills. We intend using the prize money to buy catering equipment.


Baillie Aaron, CEO Spark Inside (Commended)

As a fairly new charity, it means a lot to receive this prestigious commendation recognising our impact. We wouldn’t be here today without our prison champions who go above and beyond to support our work. On behalf of our staff and trustees, I’d like to thank the judges for recognising the transformative power of coaching for those who live and work in prison. Winning the Robin Corbett Award has further strengthened our position as a leading organisation taking coaching into prisons.This valuable recognition of Spark Inside's programmes, allows us to raise awareness of coaching as an effective approach in our prisons and, most importantly, it helps us to reach more people in prison, changing their lives and deepening our impact. The prize money will go towards funding our programme delivery and their independent, external evaluations, which so far have shown the power of coaching."